LET's face it, there’s nothing like the smell of a wet dog.

And thanks to MacroAir Aerodynamic technology inspired by NASA, Dubai’s newest dog resort will smell nothing like one.

Invented by MacroAir Technologies in the USA, AirVolution-D 24 feet, high volume low speed fans use six specially-designed blades to circulate and freshen-up ten times more air than normal high speed fans with a very low consumption of energy and low noise level.  

It means pampered guests at the My Second Home resort in Dubai Investment Park will be able to swim and frolic in the world’s biggest free play dog park while two vast fans work away quietly to maintaining a healthy, dry and safe environment,.

“When we set out to create the biggest and most luxurious dog resort in the Middle East, we decided that quality of life for our guests had to feature in every element of the facility’s design and fit-out,” said My Second Home Co-Founder Sanjiv Dhiman. With up to 300 dogs at a time enjoying our play areas and pools, managing the environment in which they play has been a major area of focus for us. Working with local MacroAir dealer Khind Middle East, we knew we were going to be able to make sure the air quality was as good as it could be at all times and Making My Second Home resort in Dubai one of the most energy savings green building in the Middle East.”

Used to supplement My Second Home’s conventional air conditioning and cooling system, the MacroAir’ HVLS fans use highly efficient extended 24ft airfoil blades to circulate a large column of air at just the right speed to create the optimum cooling effect saving up to 35% electricity of the air conditioning system. As well as being whisper quiet, the fans produce virtually none of the unsettling droning noise and air disruption created by conventional fans. Also it helps to produce a perfect air mix, absorb, disperse smells and evaporate the moisture and humidity.

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