FOR the My Second Home team, making a commitment to keeping coats clean and healthy doesn’t end with its four-legged furry guests.

The vast walls within Dubai’s biggest and most lavish dog park, dog daycare and dog boarding resort will be covered with the latest innovation in ultra-low irritant wipe-down paint from Berger.

Conventional paint - the kind you usually get if you forget to ask for something special - emits volatile organic compounds known as VOCs, that are toxic. What makes them volatile is that they don't want to stay in liquid (or solid) form; they tend towards the gaseous state. So the first chance they get, they vaporise.

When the gases mix with the air in a room they expose its occupants to chemicals that can cause wheezing, eye irritation and even loss of coordination and nausea. Though evaporation is greatest during and straight after painting, it continues at lower levels for months.

Prior to regulation, typical solvent-borne paints had VOC contents up to 450 grammes per litre (g/L), and typical water-borne paints had VOC contents up to 250 g/L. Most of today’s commonly-available paints are either Low VOC (below 150 g/L) or Ultra-Low VOC (50 g/L).

While Ultra-Low might be good enough for most occupants, it just didn’t cut it for My Second Home’s pampered pets.

Working with Berger, the My Second Home designers opted for ultra, ultra-low VOC paint with less than 10g/L to make sure there is no likelihood of the environment being anything other than perfect. The paints; Royale Premium Interior matt and silk emulsion, meet the highest standards achievable from the Master Painters Institute (MPI).


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