The safety of our guests is our principal focus, and so each dog must undergo a Behaviour Assessment before using our facilities. Bear in mind that we only accept dogs that have been neutered/spayed. The Assessment takes about 20 minutes and is the first stage in the Registration process. You can book by calling reception on 04 8818002 or 055 221 6351. If you'd prefer, email us at .The Assesment is followed by an Induction Day to give your dog a chance to get used to our facilities and other guests - and vice versa! Also included is the set-up of your account and login details for webcam access etc when you're away, an initial Frontline treatment and a voucher for 4 days (worth AED200) in the Dog Park. A one-off fee of AED500 covers the whole process.
We’re in Dubai Investment Park - less than 30 minutes from Downtown Dubai, minutes from Dubai World Central and close to Emirates Hills, Arabian Ranches and the Dubai Marina area. Click here to find us on a map
Check-in opens at 8am for Daycare and 8.30am for Boarding. We close at 8pm.
We specialise in providing very high quality short, medium and long-term accommodation for dogs (and a small number of cats), Daycare facilities, a Dog Park for owners and their dogs, Grooming and Training. We also have our own on-site food and accessories shop.
All My Second Home visitors and guests must have up to date vaccinations against distemper, rabies, parvovirus and kennel cough
No. Your dog's records are governed by privacy laws. You can call your vet and have them emailed over - or just bring copies with you when you come
Check-in is open from 8am for Daycare and from 8.30am for Boarding.
Yes, but we’ll need you to confirm that they have your permission to do so in writing and will need them to bring a copy of their EID with them.
Of course. My Second Home has raised the bar in pet care services - but neither you nor your pet needs to take our word for it. Spending time away from each other can be stressful for you both and though we have done everything possible to make the time apart as happy and healthy as possible, it’s important that you’re both totally comfortable with the true home-from-home experience we’ve created. So come and get a feel for the place. We’d be delighted to organise a tour for you and your family. Just call or email to make an appointment. We're open from 8am to 8pm. Vaccinations must be up to date. Email or call our Guest Services team at <a href=""></a> or on  +971 55 221 6351.
Yes - it will be counted as Day 1. We operate just like a hotel. Check-out on the final day must be before 2pm to avoid an extra night's charge.
No problem - we have Driving Handlers who can collect and deliver. Pick and drop off is AED25 per dog per journey and can be organised via Guest Services.
No - just let us know how to get into the house and where you’d like the keys left afterwards.
We get very busy during Peak periods and so suggest you book your place at least 3 weeks in advance. In fact it’s not unusual for us to sell out of rooms completely. The best bet is to call us as soon as you’ve booked your trip. It's a good idea to give us at least 24 hours notice if you need Daycare.
I’m sure any member of our team would be delighted with such a clear and personal display of your gratitude! It’s not compulsory though and none of our team members receive commission for the service they provide.
Yes. To secure each residential booking - irrespective of the length of stay, we’ll require 50% of the total estimated cost when you book. The balance will need to paid at drop-off. We appreciate that plans change and so as long as you cancel your booking more than 4 days before you’re due to arrive, we’ll issue a credit note for the full amount of the initial payment. This can redeemed against future accommodation bookings. For any cancellations after this period, no-show, or shortening a stay in progress, we reserve the right to charge the full amount to your account. Needless to say, the earlier you book the better for all of us.
No. We'll block the full amount on your credit card and make the charge against the card - minus the deposit when you come for drop-off.
We understand that things happen beyond our control. If you contact us as soon as you run into difficulty, we'll work with you to try and help. We will assume legal ownership and responsibility for any dog that is not collected from us within 7 days of the agreed pick-up day and time. Your credit card will be charged for the full boarding rate and we will take steps to make alternative arrangements for the animal.
Click here for membership details and rates.
The Dog Park is a huge free play area for use by guests and their owners. If you can’t come, then we’ll happily check your dog into Daycare where he or she will be cared for by our Handlers.
No – but we would recommend it. We’ve had a good look at all the various options because it can be a minefield of sub-clauses and exclusions – and have found a small number of suppliers that we feel offer the best options. Let us know if you'd like to chat about organising some cover
We have an on-call veterinary clinic close-by and a team of Handlers who are constantly looking out for changes in behaviour. If we spot anything that you need to be made aware of, we’ll call you and suggest the best course of action. If vet care is needed you can either use our own or we can take you dog to the one you usually use.
We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, cheque or bank transfer. Bank details: Union National Bank. Branch: Dubai Investment Park-1, Dubai, PO Box 28082. Phone 600-566-665. Accout name: Second Home Domestic Pets Grooming. Account number: 0110 7540 3604. IBAN: AE 8804 5000 0011 0754 03604. Swift code: UNBEAEAA.
If you feel you need to do so - come along by all means. But bear in mind that it can be disruptive. It’s generally best if you choose either boarding or the Dog Park. A blend of the two might be delightful for you but can cause stress for your dog.
Yes – if more than one dog from the same family comes to stay in the same suite, there’s discount depending on the number of dogs and the size of room you book. The dogs that bunk-up together must live together at home. Check out our rates here.
We can be as flexible as you need us to be. Pick up and drop off is AED25 per dog per journey.
Operating hours are 8am-8pm. If you can't collect your dog from Daycare before 8pm we'll keep him or her for the night in one of our boarding suites and charge you for the night's stay. 
How long is a piece of string? It all depends on your dog and your membership and usage plan. That said, our suites are far bigger than the kennels you’re familiar with. Mouse over to our Boarding page - or better still, come and see for yourself. In a nutshell, our Standard suites are 6' x 4', our Deluxe suites are 8' x 6', our Royal suites are 9' x 8' and our Presidential suites are 12' x 8'. We also have Villas with their own veranda, very special slightly smaller suites in our Little Gems chalet and a huge Family Room for when dogs from the same family need to bunk-up together.
We're an all-suite resort, so he or she should have plenty of space and comfort. But just tell us what you need and if we have a bigger suite available, we’ll upgrade him or her and you’ll just pay the difference.
Most suites will only have one guest at a time but we’ve configured some of ours so that up to three dogs from the same family can share a suite if they’ll be happier doing so.
Of course – but remember that our guests spend their days playing outside their rooms – so they are able to wee at will!
Our interior design team has chosen the beds and bedding – but our promise is to offer every guest a second home experience so by all means bring your own gear. Just try to make sure his room isn’t too congested, though. It might be best not to bring small toys that could produce a choke hazard – or any with sentimental value as accidents do occasionally happen!
Absolutely. We have a wellbeing team on hand to monitor hydration 24/7.
We prefer dogs who are at least 6 months old so that they can socialise as much as possible and get maximum benefit from all our facilities. However, younger dogs can be placed in a much smaller puppy group with more rest breaks throughout the day.
We can either help with some behaviour and temperament sessions or can organise supervised solo playtime.
We highly recommend providing your pets’ usual diet during their stay at our resort.  This will help with any pets that may have a sensitive stomach and help them to feel at home. Guests are fed premium grain-free products that have been chosen by our dieticians for their high palatability and digestibility. They’re the perfect match for dogs and cats in a lodging environment. We only have dry food available, but can buy wet or canned for you from the shop if it's needed. You are welcome to provide your pet’s regular food if you choose (please pack in individual bags or a sealed container).
Breakfast is served between 6.30am and 7.00am, lunch between noon and 1pm, and supper between 6.30pm and 7.00pm. Snacks can be provided during the day if necessary - just let us know. We suggest that you limit the amount of food you provide your pet on the day of arrival because guests tend to get very excited when they reach the resort. Likewise, food and water should be limited for the first hour or two after your pet arrives back home. This will allow him or her time to settle down.
You bet. Dogs need to relax when they’re eating, so our guests are separated and carefully monitored. If you wish, we can also separate dogs from the same family while they're eating. 
If your dog needs a rest – or you insist that he or she gets one, we can usually make a plan that works.
The webcam is a popular way of bridging the gap for you while you’re away. Each boarding suite has a camera and you'll be given the access details when you check-in.
We accept any dog that is registered with Dubai Municipality, once it has passed our Assessment.
If your dog doesn't pass the Behaviour Assessment first time, our experts will happily put a training plan in place to help him or her - and then keep re-assessing him/her until he or she passes. You'll only pay for one Assessment. 
We cannot admit any pet with stitches, bandages, a cast, head cone, or splint. These pets have special needs that can be better serviced in a veterinarian/hospital setting. Neither can we accept any pet that is pregnant or on heat.
Yes, but only after we've Assessed them and checked carefully to make sure they're suitable.
Our Handlers we will give your pet whatever oral medication it needs without charging you an extra fee. If medication is needed by injection, we'll organise for a veterinary nurses to take care of everything for a vet practice's standard charge.
It would have to be extraordinarily talented! Not only is the site escape-proof, but we have video surveillance and a vigilant 24/7 security team on hand to spot budding Houdinis.
Yes - but not just at My Second Home. All dogs and cats in the Emirates must have a microchip implanted, and all relevant information must be recorded on it.
 The Municipality tag is the little plastic disc that all dogs and cats must wear on their collar at all times. There is a strict control policy against stray animals in Dubai and strays are routinely caught by Dubai Municipality. Any that are found without a Municipality Tag are held for 8 days and then put to sleep if the owner can’t be found.

 Whenever and wherever teeth and claws are involved, there's a chance that little skirmishes can take place - and My Second Home is no exception. Because our handlers and trained to spot signals before disagreements turn into arguments, we have had toi deal with very few incidents. We take the view that it takes two to tango, and so if there's ever any need for first aid as a result of a squabble, our rule is that each owner bears their own costs. 

 You're welcome to book him into any of our training classes while he's staying us. Click here for rates.  

 We have a live Daycare cctv feed to a television in our reception area and you're welcome to grab a coffee and watch him from there.