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Absolutely not - although you should do so at the start when you're trying to teach a new behaviour.

This stage of the process is called continuous reinforcement and it helps to embed your desired outcome.

I think you really mean almost everything - and I'm guessing that doesn’t include the 12 straight weeks of consistency and patience that are needed to help your newcomer deal with an unfamiliar environment, fresh stimuli…..and of course, the dreaded teething.

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Whether we realise it or not, we all get punished every day. Most of the time we’re oblivious to it because we’re programmed to recognise whatever we want but don’t get, as disappointment rather than punishment.

LET's face it, there’s nothing like the smell of a wet dog.

And thanks to MacroAir Aerodynamic technology inspired by NASA, Dubai’s newest dog resort will smell nothing like one.

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FOR the My Second Home team, making a commitment to keeping coats clean and healthy doesn’t end with its four-legged furry guests.

The vast walls within Dubai’s biggest and most lavish dog park, dog daycare and dog boarding resort will be covered with the latest innovation in ultra-low irritant wipe-down paint from Berger.

THE world’s largest indoor dog park will open its doors in Dubai next month to welcome guests of all shapes and sizes looking for an alternative to short walks around communities where they’re becoming less and less welcome.