Here's a snapshot of our current rates - and a funky pricing calculator for you to download to your laptop or PC so you can plan your usage and see how discounts and member benefits can quickly mount up.

You can buy our products and services on a pay-as-you-go basis and enjoy discounts as your spend accumulates and you move gradually from membership tier to tier over time. This means that as soon as your total spend across all My Second Home services and products reaches AED10,000, you'll move to Silver status and enjoy 10% discount on anything you buy after that point. As soon as your spend reaches AED20,000 you move to Gold status and enjoy 20% discount.

But it gets even more interesting if you pre-commit to what you think you'll need because we'll pass on all the discounts immediately. For example, if you pre-commit to spend AED10,000, we'll immediately treat you as a Silver status member straight away. Similarly, pre-commit to AED20,000 and go straight to Gold.

There is no time period restriction to use your credit balance in your account.

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RATE CARD - 2017
Registration One-off payment covers Behaviour Assessment, Induction Day in Daycare, Frontline Treatment, Dog Park Voucher worth AED200, Special Offers, Free Access to MSH Events, Membership Account and Webcam set-up. 500
Day Care Full Day of Attended play and care - 1Dog 100
  Full Day of Attended play and care - 2Dog 150
  Full Day of Attended play and care - 3Dog 200
Boarding Villa - Single Occupancy/night 350
  Villa - Double Occupancy/night 500
  Villa - Triple Occupancy/night 500
  Presidential Suite - Single Occupancy/night 350
  Presidential Suite - Double Occupancy/night 450
  Presidential Suite - Triple Occupancy-Small Dogs/night 450
  Royal Suite Single Occupancy/night 250
  Royal Suite Double Occupancy/night 350
  Deluxe Suite - Single Occupancy/night 200
  Deluxe Suite - Double Occupancy/night Small Dogs 275
  Standard Suite - Single Occupany/night 150
  Little Gems Chalet - Single Occupancy/night 180
  Little Gems Chalet - Double Occupancy/night 250
  Family Room - Up to 4 Dogs From the Same Family/night 500
  Cattery - Single Occupancy/night 100
Dog Park Dog Park Visit with Owner - 1 Dog 50
  Dog Park Visit with Owner - 2 Dogs 80
  Dog Park Visit with Owner - 3 Dogs 100
  Dog Park Visit with Owner - Additional Dog 30
  Obedience II Course of 4 Sessions (Group Training) 650
Training Adult Academy (8 Classes) 1600
  Puppy Academy (6 Classes) 1250
  Leash Reactivity (6 Classes) 1250
  5 Private Lessons at Facility  2000
  5 Private Lessons at Home  2800
  4 Agility Lessons during Daycare visit 1000
  Consultation at Facility (usually 30 minutes) 250
  Consultation at Home (usually 30 minutes) 350
Taxi Service DXB - Pick up/Dog one way journey (Shared Taxi)  25
  DXB - Drop off/Dog one way journey (Shared Taxi) 25
  Outside DXB - Pick up/Dog one way journey 150
  Outside DXB - Drop off/Dog one way journey 150
  DXB Private Pick up/Drop off 75
  Private Limo - up to 3 family dogs/one way journey (Single pick ip point)  200
  OTE Private Limo - up to 3 family dogs/one way journey (Single pick ip point) 250