Daycare at My Second Home isn’t what they’re used to! It’s an action and attention-packed day of fun and pampering during which they run, swim, play……and chill

For a start, unless a guest needs a rest or a short spell of quiet time he or she will spend the entire day in one of our play and agility areas getting the supervised attention, stimulus and socialisation they crave.

They’ll only ever play in size and strength-specific areas with other dogs of a similar temperament and outlook.

They’ll be able to play either outside or inside in the cooler months. As it gets warmer, they’ll spend their days with us inside our air conditioned play areas.

They’ll get constant attention from carefully hand-picked and screened carers – all of whom are dog-mad themselves.

And in the event that we think they’ll need a rest – or if you specifically ask us to give them some time-out, they’ll be able to relax in one of our luxury Daycare chalets

A full day of professionally supervised play….for less than you’d pay a dog-sitter