About Us

Welcome to My Second Home!

My Second Home is the brainchild of a group of dog-mad advertising, sales and animal training specialists who experienced the heartache of kennel and cage boarding and felt the need to bring a totally unique dog care experience to the UAE. The resort opened its doors in Dubai in April 2015 with a clear and simple mission; to provide 5-star recreation, boarding, training and pampering for dogs while their owners are away from home. 

Situated in Dubai Investment Park Zone 2 and spread across the equivalent of 18 tennis courts – with two thirds indoors, the luxury pet resort and spa features the world’s largest indoor Dog Park and free play area with pool, all-suite boarding for 185 guests, Daycare with pick-up and drop-off, an Outdoor play area with pool, professional behaviour and temperament development and Grooming.

Boarding guests can have their suite customised with favourite toys and comfort possessions, and keep in touch with families via webcam.  

Daycare guests are split into groups to make sure they mix only with fellow fun-lovers who share their size, attitude and temperament. It means shy and retiring visitors and guests can avoid tiresome out-there types. Their busy day involves rotating them in their groups around the resort’s play areas to make sure everyone gets a chance to dash around, swim, enjoy a cuddle if they want one – and also have an early afternoon siesta! 

Essential first aid skills are on hand to take care of any playtime bumps and bruises and our vet partners are just a few minutes away in the unlikely event that they’re needed.

But luxury and pampering-aside, it’s the investment in Training that really makes the difference. The My Second Home team of highly experience trainers and behaviour developers bring to Dubai the latest and most effective techniques in attitude and temperament adjustment, socialisation, problem behaviour management, puppy progress and first-owner essentials. 

“We love our dogs and we know how much they crave interaction and the freedom to play,” said My Second Home Co-Founder Paul Sowerby. “But we’re also as frustrated as everyone else that there are so many restrictions and so few places to play when they’re not at home with us. Thankfully, there are some excellent facilities in Dubai, but we felt we needed to go a step further and create a world class environment that focuses on providing our best friends’ most essential need – space to have fun, learn and interact safely.”

Pets Love Us

Our friendly and helpful staff are available round the clock to make sure
your pets are happy during their stay at Petotel.