Terms & Conditions

At My Second Home we specialise in providing very high quality short, medium and long -term accommodation for dogs (and a small number of cats), Daycare facilities, a Dog Park for owners and their dogs, Pet Taxi, Grooming, Training and Wellbeing. We also have our own on-site food and accessories shop.
For us to deliver the highest possible quality of service and care for your pet, it is important for you to engage with us by agreeing to share and respect our core values and house rules.
Here are some of the more important ones.
Dress Code
All guests with four legs and a bark must wear a flat, snap or buckle-on collar with name tag when they’re with us. This is for their safety and to make sure we don’t confuse them with look-alikes. If your dog doesn’t have a tag – or it falls off on the way to us, our Guest Services team can help by choosing a simple one and adding the cost to your account. The Municipal tag is breakable, so we recommend attaching it to your dog’s leash and not around the collar.
Choke, pinch or prong collars and any sort of chain, are not permitted. Harnesses are OK.
General Health & Behaviour
Guest safety and welfare is our number one priority.
To make sure we have everything ready prior to your arrival we need you to complete a Guest Profile so that our team can understand as much as possible about your pet’s character and needs.
Aside from specific details, it is important that all guests are in good health when they come to us. They must not have had or been exposed to any contagious or communicable illnesses within the 30 days prior to their arrival and if there’s any sign of vomiting, coughing, gagging, sneezing, runny nose, inflamed/red eyes or diarrhoea, we’ll most likely ask you to come back when he or she has made a full recovery. We would also suggest that you don’t make a reservation for any pet that has been diagnosed with a terminal illness – particularly if the condition is at an advanced stage.
We cannot admit any pet with stitches, bandages, a cast, head cone, or splint. These pets have special needs that can be better met in a veterinarian/hospital setting. Neither can we accept any pet that is pregnant or in season.
If your pet does need regular medication, please make sure it’s clearly labelled with specific instructions so that we can maintain the routine. Our Handlers we will give your pet whatever oral medication it needs without charging you an extra fee.
All visitors and guests must have up to date vaccinations (Rabies and DHPPi) as well as the Kennel Cough vaccine. In Dubai it is compulsory to give your dogs the Rabies and DHPPi vaccinations annually. We also recommend routine de-worming and monthly flea and tick treatment. If you are unable to do this, let us know and our trained staff will take care of it for you. Please notify us of any significant health issues and/or any changes in your pet’s recent behaviour or routine. Your pet’s health is our priority and anything that you think might be relevant – probably is.
We do not accept any dogs over 6 months that have not been neutered or spayed. Whilst there are many opinions out there with regards to the pros and cons of neutering/spaying, it is important that we follow a system that works best in our social dog environment. Intact dogs produce pheromones and hormones that when detected by another dog may cause behavioural disharmony.
All visitors need to undergo a behaviour and temperament assessment, during which we usually spot any issues that we need to keep an eye on. However, if your dog starts to display unacceptable behaviour while with us, we will take him or her out of the general play area for some time-out. The length of the time-out will obviously vary. If time-out does not fix the issue we will insist on a return home until the problem has been sorted out Our behaviour specialists will be able to help. If it has been 6 months or more since we last saw your dog, we will do another assessment to make sure nothing has changed.
We will do everything within our power to ensure your pet is kept safe, however skirmishes sometimes break out wherever dogs play together and socialise. In the event that this happens, we expect each owner to take full responsibility for any veterinary costs incurred on behalf of their own dog.
If we have an emergency that requires a level of specialist attention beyond that which we can provide in-house, our team will arrange for your pet to be taken to your preferred veterinary practice. The likelihood is that we’ll be able to contact you for permission prior to your dog being admitted for care, but if we are presented with a an emergency where we don’t have time to seek your approval, your veterinary surgeon’s decision will be final. All associated costs will be your responsibility. We strongly suggest that you let your vet know that your dog is boarding with us so that the process is as smooth as possible in the event that we need professional help.
It’s a What?
We’ll accept any dog breed if it is well-mannered and passes our assessment. We will not accept any dog that fails our evaluation, irrespective of its breed. As we operate a Company rather than a Registered Charity, any dog that the Veterinary Services Section of Dubai Municipality’s Public Health Department has banned from the UAE under its Ministerial Decree No 348/2008, Article 7, Annex, will be required to wear a muzzle in our public areas and observe any of the special conditions stipulated by this regulation.
Bookings, Deposits & Payment
You can book any of our services by phoning (048818002 or 048818005) or emailing (info@mysecondhomedubai.com) our Guest Services team or coming to see us in person. Please be aware that all bookings must be confirmed in writing. Texts, Facebook messages, Tweets, voicemails and carrier pigeons are handy alternatives but can be misunderstood and cause confused (confusion) – as can messages that are communicated to our Driver/Handlers. So to be on the safe side, we will disregard any request or instruction that is not followed up with an email confirmation. Similarly, we’ll email you with confirmation.
We expect to be paid for all our services before we deliver them. In terms of boarding, all bookings need to be confirmed by payment of 50% of the total anticipated cost in advance and within 48 hours of the booking being made. The balance must be paid before your pet arrives for check-in.
If any scheduled payment isn’t made, we reserve the right to cancel the arrangements without any notice. We aim to issue a relevant receipt for every payment. If we haven’t done so within 24 hours, let us know ands we’ll organise it straight away.
For all boarding reservations of more 10 nights, an AED1000 deposit will be required to cover incidentals such as food or unexpected bills from your chosen vet. Any unused portion of the deposit will be refunded at check-out.
If you would prefer to pay monthly in advance for our services, we need to confirm the arrangements in a standard document; to which we will need to attach copies of your Emirates ID and Passport. The arrangement will remain in place for the pre-agreed period or unless a monthly payment is missed.
Size Matters
You can book any of the following room categories for your pet’s stay with us: Little Gems, Standard Suite, Deluxe Suite, Royal Suite, Presidential Suite, Family Suite & Villa.
Each room has been designed with dogs of certain sizes in mind, and to comply with international pet boarding standards and local municipal regulations.
Little Gems – 8kg or less
Standard Suite – 10kg or less
Deluxe Single Occupancy – 20kg or less
Deluxe Double Occupancy – each dog must be 10kg or less
Royal Single Occupancy – 40kg or less
Royal Double Occupancy – each dog must be 30kg or less
Presidential Single Occupancy – above 40kg
Presidential Double Occupancy – any two dogs above 40kg
Presidential Triple Occupancy – any 3 dogs
Family Suite – any 4 dogs
Villa – up to 3 dogs of any size, depending on availability. Our Villas vary in size
We reserve the right to make the final decision on a room category based on each dog’s overall height, size and weight.
If you cancel a boarding booking within five days before your scheduled arrival (or don’t turn up at all) we may charge you 100% of the cost of the entire stay to cover the loss of business. If you cancel a boarding booking six or more days before your scheduled arrival, any funds already paid at that point will be credited to your account for future use. The cost of any Day Care bookings that are cancelled within 24 hours of your scheduled arrival will be charged in full. This includes any pick-up/drop-off charges. The cost of any Training or Grooming bookings that are cancelled within 24 hours of your scheduled arrival will be charged in full. In every case, cancellations must be communicated by email to info@mysecondhomedubai.com. For obvious reasons, we cannot recognise changes to bookings or cancellations that are communicated in any other way.
If you choose to downgrade a booking – that’s to say, reduce its total cost, we may charge you a modification fee. The fee will reflect the complexity of the changes you wish to make, but will not exceed the original overall cost.
If you need to modify a booking mid-stay – and the changes increase the total cost of the booking, there will be no modification fee.
Modification fees that are not paid on or before end-of-stay collection, will incur a AED100 daily charge.
Chips & Tags
The Veterinary Services Section of Dubai’s Public Health Department has ruled that all dogs and cats in the Emirates must have an implanted microchip and that all relevant information must be recorded on it.
Don’t confuse the microchip with the Dubai Municipality Tag – even though your dog must have them both. The chip is carefully and painlessly inserted into the animal’s neck by a vet. The Municipality tag is the little plastic disc that all dogs and cats must have with them always. This is very important especially for pets that like to wander outside your home since there is a strict control policy against stray animals in Dubai. Strays are routinely caught by Dubai Municipality – and any dog found without a Municipality Tag is treated as a stray even if it has a microchip. If the owner can’t be found within 8 days, strays are put to sleep.
Talk to our Guest Services team if there’s anything you are not sure about.
Food & Meal Times
We highly recommend that your pet sticks to its usual diet during its stay with us, and that you therefore bring with you enough of its regular food when you come to check-in. This will help any pet with a sensitive tummy to feel even more at home. If you do not bring your own food, we will feed your pets Taste of Wild. We prefer to offer only dry rather than wet or canned food.
If you choose to follow our suggestion and provide your pet’s regular food, we can store, freeze, refrigerate and microwave it as requested. We ask that you pre-portion it in plastic bags. There is no charge for special food preparation, and you are also welcome to bring favourite treats from home. That said, please do not supply any treats that are made from rawhide or that may be considered a choking hazard. To be clear, in the absence of any specific dietary requests, we will offer our standard food and what we believe is best for your pet.
Standard feeding times are early morning and early evening. Let us know if your pet is on a specific feeding schedule or has special needs. We suggest that you limit the amount of food you provide your pet on the day of arrival because guests tend to get very excited when they reach the resort. Likewise, food and water should be limited for the first hour or two after your pet arrives back home. This will allow him or her time to settle down. If you don’t specify meal times, we’ll provide food at our standard times.