Courses, Services and Pricing (all courses are run at MySecondHome unless stated otherwise)

Beginners Academy - Group training for up to 10 dogs. 8 classes. AED1600

Agility Academy - Group agility training for up to 5 dogs. 4 classes. AED950

Advanced Academy - Group advanced training for up to 10 dogs. 6 classes. AED1200

Private lessons at home - AED600 per lesson or AED2800 for 5 lessons

Private lessons at MySecondHome - AED 450 per lesson or AED2000 for 5 lessons

Day Care Training 4 hours in total - AED1000

Consultation at Facility - AED250 (30 minutes)

Consultation at Home - AED350 (30 minutes)

Academy Programme (8 classes 18:45-19:45)

Lesson 1: Basic Seminar (Humans Only)

Lesson 2: Advanced Seminar (Humans Only)

Lesson 3: Starting the Training Game, Attention and Bridge (Dogs and Humans)

Lesson 4: Obedience (Dogs and Humans)

Lesson 5: Obedience (Dogs and Humans)

Lesson 6: Obedience (Dogs and Humans)

Lesson 7: Introduction to Agility (Dogs and Humans)

Lesson 8: Graduation (Dogs and Humans)